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The art of music is so complicated.

Recently, I have been thinking about consistency a lot. I wrote in an article that:

"After all, music is a kind of performance art. The key to a contagious performance is about focusing on it and believing in it. People may talk about the skills, but I value the consistency more. By saying that, I mean I care about the logic and sincerity behind the interpretation more than the skills. One may be skillful enough to imitate masters' interpretations, but that is just cliche, which cannot persuade me."

The same thoughts occurred when I was dealing with a new composition. I have always asked myself: "Why do I sometimes feel unsatisfied when learning a  travesty?" It is hard to say. Is it because I have a higher musical taste? Bullshit. What about the soul of a work? Not even thought of it. Then I discovered something, something really on the surface...

There are two things I cannot bear with when they are not consistent. One is the direction, the other is the dimension. Direction, meaning the flow of the music, which of course is flowing in a piece of music. However, the flow can be any kinds, any forms of flows. It can be smooth, arched, abrupt, segmented, arbitrary... Any kinds! But it is disturbing when a piece, especially a short piece of music is not flowing consistently. Dimension can include the density, harmony, technique or sonority, which are all very intuitional for a performer. It is okay when learning a difficult piece of music, but it is not okay when there is a bar that is physically impossible while the next bar contains a single note. The activities of music are like living beings, which have to be organic.

The direction is horizontal, while the dimension is vertical. It is almost like talking about counterpoint and harmony now. I gotta stop here.