Impromptus (2012-2013)

for piano

The three piano pieces were started out by improvising the textures and harmonies on the piano, while focusing on the structural and variational aspects as I finished them. They can be performed separately or altogether. They are meant to be played like a Romantic piece of music, so refined rubatos and interpretations are encouraged. The idea of the first piece was conceived in Shanghai, the second in New York and the third in Aspen, and these three places form the three most important educational experiences in my life. The piece was dedicated to my piano teacher Veda Kaplinsky for her 66th birthday 



即興曲,顧名思義,由即興而來。在對於我而言最重要的三個學習地點,我將大致的曲調在鋼琴上即興出來,它們分別是上海、紐約和阿斯本。即興後,我將它們有組織地發展成三段式或回旋曲。曲子可被分別演奏,基調偏向浪漫主義,而浪漫派的詮釋法則相當重要。此曲提獻給我的鋼琴老師Veda Kaplinsky,作為66歲的生日禮物。









premiere: first movement December 29, 2012, Han Chen in Taiwan Classical Music Society, Taipei; whole piece April 25, 2013, Jingyi Zhang at Paul Hall, Juilliard