Two reviews from this summer

Is everybody back to work? I had such an eventful summer this year! I traveled to many places that I had never been before, such as Tromsø in Norway, Krefeld in Germany, Zürich in Switzerland, New Mexico in America, Hefei in China… There are too many precious moments during my trips.

I would like to share with you two reviews I got this summer. One is on my recital in Boston, presented by the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts, as part of their inaugural Annual Summer Concert Series at the New England Conservatory. David Moran left some nice words regarding my minimalistic approach to the Schubert A-major Sonata, D. 664. He titled the review as Simplest is Best. Another review, in German, is on my recital in Krefeld. Despite of my lack of German skill, it seems to me that Gabriele M. Knoll had a very good impression of Steven Stucky’s Piano Sonata. If German is a piece of cake for you, see more of what Gabriele has to say about my recital here.

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Han Chen