Snow Falling Upside Down (2012)

for piano

Snow Falling Upside Down was composed when artist Terence Koh asked for a new piece and gave me the image of snow falling upside down. As he is famous for his all-white installations such as his studio and "one person at a time" presented by Sean Kelly, the pure yet avant-garde style gave a strong impact on me. Later on when I was looking for a sonority that sounds pure and complex at the same time, a combination of major/minor chord was re-found in my language, then it became the "white" in the piece.



雪花倒飛的創作來源於藝術家Terence Koh所給的相當詩意的畫面:雪花從下往上飄起。Terence的創作乍看下白茫茫一片,卻處處充滿張力且前衛。我所接觸過的作品都給我留下了強烈的印象。當我開始著手創作時,我重新尋找到了一個符合其創作色彩的和聲,其一便是大小調合為一體的和弦。由這個和弦主導,我嘗試著二度創造了Terence作品中白茫茫一片的效果。











dedicated to Terence Koh, premiere: July 20, 2012, by Han Chen at the Aspen Chapel